Building Partnerships

Farmers make up less than 2 percent of the population. However, every Illinois farmer feeds approximately 155 people. With this discrepancy, Illinois Farm Bureau® recognizes the importance of engaging everyone from elected officials to the food and ag industry in Chicago, the St. Louis area and other parts of the Illinois. By creating lasting relationships with leaders from various backgrounds, IFB can help spread the word of Illinois agriculture’s benefits to an audience that wants to know more about what farmers do.


IFB’s Adopt-A-Legislator® Program builds relationships between urban legislators and farmers from across the state with the goal of educating urban legislators about agriculture and rural life issues. Read more.

Partner organizations

From the Illinois Department of Agriculture to commodity-specific farmer organizations, IFB works with groups throughout the Illinois farming sector. Working with these organizations furthers IFB’s mission to craft quality farm policy and ensure farmers’ ability to operate.

Leaders to Washington

Twice each year, county Farm Bureau leaders from across the state fly to our nation’s capital to advance IFB’s national legislative agenda. Leaders to Washington puts Farm Bureau members in front of D.C. policymakers and regulators over parts of three days. The trips emphasize teamwork and always generate positive results while developing the leadership and advocacy skills of Farm Bureau members.

Value chain relationships

IFB prioritizes engaging companies throughout the value chain. Through the Agribusiness Roundtable, Value Chain Tour, farm tours and in-person meetings, IFB helps food manufacturers and other companies that use agricultural products better understand Illinois farmers and the agriculture industry. Read more.