Tips for emailing your legislator

Be personal – During action alerts, Illinois Farm Bureau will provide talking points for your reference. We understand that not every issue will relate to your farm, but on issues that do relate, it is best to add a sentence or two about how the issue impacts you. Legislators want to hear your story in your own words, personalized messages leave a lasting impact.

Include your contact information - Our action requests will always ask for your name, address, and email address. This is not for our records, but for lawmaker’s offices. Your information is used to check that you are a constituent of their district. They also use this information to follow up to your email or phone call.

Focus on just one issue – Clearly identify the subject you're concerned about.

Be brief – Your email should be brief but provide the reasons why you are for or against the legislation. If you are in opposition, offer a positive alternative to the problem wherever possible.

Be polite – Suggestions or recommendations – not demands – are preferred. A rude email neither makes friends nor influences the legislator.

Send email when it counts most – An email sent too early is as ineffective as one sent too late; both lose impact. As an FB ACT member, you'll receive action alerts, letting you know when and whom to contact. This will cut down on any confusion as to when and how you should contact your legislator. Emails are prewritten for your convenience, but personalization is strongly encouraged.

Email only once or twice about an issue – Don't annoy your legislator with numerous emails about a single topic. Instead, get others to add their voices. Ten emails from 10 different people mean more than 20 emails from one person.

Send a thank you – Thank your legislator for work well done, a good speech or favorable vote, fine leadership in committee or on the floor. Elected officials will appreciate it.

Let the Legislative Action Center work for you – The Legislative Action Center  helps you not only find email addresses, but also lets you email all your legislators at once. Plus, if you click "Remember Me" on the form, it will automatically add your contact information to all future emails. It's so easy!