Ag Census response important to future of agriculture

The USDA Census of Agriculture is a once-every-five-years survey that aims to capture U.S. farms and the people who operate them. If $1,000 or more of agricultural products are raised or sold, whether from a rural or urban plot of land, you can be counted. The Census of Agriculture captures information about a variety of topics, including land use and ownership, operator characteristics, production practices, farm income, and, important this year, farm inputs and expenditures.

In the 2017 Census of Agriculture, Illinois farmers had the highest rate of participation in the census of all U.S. states. 

USDA Census of Agriculture

Reliable data from the Census of Agriculture helps elected officials make data-based decisions when it comes to federal legislation and programs for farmers. As agriculture evolves, capturing the health and status of farms in Illinois is increasingly important. The Census of Agriculture also helps to convey the economic impact that farming has on Illinois communities small and large.

We encourage you to participate in the 2022 Census of Agriculture. Take a minute to watch these videos from Illinois farm leaders:

Rich Guebert, Jr.
Illinois Farm Bureau President


Aaron Mitchell
Illinois Farm Bureau Young Leader State Committee Chair


Randy Graham
Illinois Specialty Growers Association President

Rachel Fulton
Illinois Farm Bureau Young Leader Committee Vice Chair

Census Timeline

  • November 2022: First Mailing Date – Small, sealed letter, with internet link and login. Farmers are encouraged to complete the Census online.
  • December 2022: Series of mailings with questionnaires
  • January 2023: Email blasts with reminders to respond, including internet links and logins
  • February 2023: Response Deadline

For questions, reach out to Lyndsey Ramsey,