Illinois Farm Bureau staff work hard on behalf of our members who raise livestock to communicate with the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency on issues related to their operations and the environment. We embark on education campaigns through the Illinois Agricultural Coalition – a partnership among IFB, the Illinois Beef Association, the Illinois Milk Producers’ Association and the Illinois Pork Producers Association. Our latest campaign focuses on clarifying and simplifying the latest rules and regulations for concentrated animal feeding operations. 

Parts of those rules, which took effect in August 2014, apply to all farms, regardless of size. To provide our members with their “first step” in understanding if and how those rules impact their operations, we developed separate resource guides for swine, beef and dairy operations. These resources guides help our members ensure compliance and increase their confidence in operating according to best practices.  

To request a resource guide, contact Lauren Lurkins, Director of Environmental Policy, at or 309-557-3153.

Farm Gate

IFB has implemented an educational program for Illinois livestock farmers at the farm gate level. The program is built for livestock farms of all sizes, with a special focus on small and medium sized operations. Learn more.