Economic Well Being

The Illinois Farm Bureau Mission Statement is:

To Improve the Economic Well-Being of Agriculture and Enrich the Quality of Farm Family Life.

We work diligently to center the importance of farm profitability in everything we do.

That works takes many forms.

We carry your voices forward to elected officials at the local, state, and federal levels. We do that through our grassroots-developed Policy and through building relationships with elected officials. Government officials and representatives need your stories to understand your life on the farm and the impact of their work.

We are constantly reviewing data and economic reports so we can properly assess the financial health of our members and Illinois agriculture. We work closely with economists at our universities and across the Midwest and undertake our own studies and analysis as needed. We make economic information available to our leadership and our County Farm Bureaus on a regular basis.

We fight for legislation and rules that better your financial situation and push back on regulations that threaten your profitability and long-term financial health. We are actively engaged in discussions for each Farm Bill in additional to all other legislative and regulatory proposals that intersect with farm family life.

We work with partners and the government to increase the demand for Illinois agricultural products, working for better trade deals for American farmers and for a robust supply chain. And we work with industry partners to find and elevate opportunities for you to market your crops and products.

Lastly, we believe the strength of every civilized society is the family, and we are working for yours. We support County Farm Bureaus and members with necessary training and tools to remain engaged and supported through the ups and downs of the farm economy.