Creating Clean Energy

IL AgThe future of ethanol, biodiesel, solar energy, and wind energy is strong. Illinois creates millions of gallons of corn-based ethanol and soy-biodiesel annually. Each gallon is cleaning the air for all Illinoisans.

The production from Illinois’ 14 ethanol plants ranks it 3rd nationwide in ethanol production. Illinois has 9 biodiesel plants and ranks 4th in the nation in biodiesel production.

Renewable fuels production isn’t just important for farmers; renewable fuels are good for all Illinoisans. Clean-burning ethanol is used to replace gasoline which releases toxic carcinogens into the air.

Diesel powered vehicles using unblended, pure B100 biodiesel also have 74% less emissions than those using petroleum diesel. Supporting ethanol and biodiesel means cleaner air for you and your family.

Illinois agriculture also plays an important role in green energy production. In 2017, Illinois ranked sixth in the nation in installed wind generation with 4,300 megawatts of production. Another 600 megawatts of wind energy are in potential development. Significant interest in solar energy development also impacts Illinois agriculture – solar farms are rapidly developing in rural areas.