Cultivating Our Communities

Preserving Illinois’ Food and Farm Businesses

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Illinois Farm Bureau, in partnership with Lt. Governor Stratton’s Office, Illinois Specialty Growers Association, and, are highlighting farm and food businesses throughout Illinois. These uplifting stories feature members and their unique journeys along with how they connect to the community. The campaign was launched in March of 2020. Two times a week, farm or food businesses will be highlighted on partner social media outlets and featured in Some farms and businesses go back many generations to the 1800s and one farm opened in March during the pandemic.

The #CultivatingOurCommunities Campaign showcases Illinois agricultural diversity and raises consumer awareness statewide, nationwide, and globally of the foods raised and sold in Illinois. Please know this is a sample of the diversity around the state of Illinois. Click on the interactive map and highlighted counties to read more about the featured farms in their communities. This interactive map is updated weekly to showcase current and past features from the campaign.

The campaign raises awareness of Illinois farms but it also helps farmers sell directly to consumers and consumers can find local and direct sources of food. To learn about other farms like the ones featured in this campaign, visit where you’ll find our online Shop Local directory that is free to all farm and food businesses.

We hope these stories demonstrate how food connects us all while presenting each unique story and bringing us back to the farm where it all begins. What is local? What is community? For us, local is community. Where is your local?


What is Shop Local / Live Local ?

Shop Local/ Live Local is an online directory that provides simple yet powerful search tools to connect growers, buyers, sellers, and consumers. Search local products or register your business today!

This Shop Local / Live Local  online directory is powered by Illinois MarketMaker.

How can I Shop Local / Live Local?
Whether you’re looking for fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy, herbs, flowers, a pumpkin patch, a pick-your-own farm, vineyards, breweries, or distilleries, you’ll find them in our Shop Local online director. Access local products in and around your community. Guess what it’s free and a great way to support your local community!

I’m a local farmer, how can I sell my products directly to customers?
All Illinois farms and food businesses have the opportunity to register and be listed in the directory. Create your FREE account, set up your business profile, or add an E-commerce store or link to an existing store. By registering your business, you will have the ability to access your account profile and update your information as often as you’d like. Your storefront information will be automatically updated across all shared platforms that are powered by MarketMaker. Did you know, Illinois Farm Bureau, Illinois Specialty Growers Association, the Illinois Department of Agriculture, Farmer Veteran Coalition of Illinois, Illinois Farmers Market Association, and Buy Fresh Buy Local Illinois are all partners powered by MarketMaker. They all work to create a directory for local food businesses!

We’re making local food more accessible! Visit today!


What is Buy Fresh Buy Local Illinois?

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Illinois Farm Bureau, Illinois Specialty Growers Association, Illinois Department of Agriculture, and 9 other farm and food organizations around the state are working to create a statewide branding and marketing program named Buy Fresh Buy Local Illinois. Together they work to build a vibrant, resilient local food economy across the state by promoting local food and providing the highest level of transparency to the public. This program hosts a shared directory on their website through MarketMaker. Farms and food businesses profiles show across platforms like Shop Local and Buy Fresh Buy Local Illinois.

For more information visit