Young Leader Committee

The Illinois Farm Bureau State Young Leader Committee is comprised of 18 district
representatives between the ages of 18 and 35 Young leader committee district mapwho are passionate about the
program and Illinois agriculture. The committee works to create conferences
and workshops, is involved in their district and county, and works to support
and promote agriculture and the Illinois Farm Bureau.

Representatives can serve a maximum of two two-year terms and are expected to
provide input to Illinois Farm Bureau on important events and promotions that
are necessary to a thriving and ever-changing industry.

Committee members

District 1: Carolyn Brummel, Secretary
District 2: Christina Weller
District 3: Sadie Asher, Chair
District 4: Stephen Riskedal
District 5: Scott Brummel
District 6: Katlyn Post
District 7: Rachel Fulton, Vice Chair
District 8: Johnathon Lock
District 9: Kody Bowman, Achievement Subcommittee Chair
District 10: Nathan Ring
District 11: Tyler Barringer
District 12: Jenna Severs, Education & Recruitment Subcommittee Chair
District 13: Alex Hamblin
District 14: Lindsay Budde
District 15: Ian Kessler
District 16: Josh Reinhardt, Governmental Affairs & Commodities Subcommittee Chair
District 17: Seth Root
District 18: Katelin Stratmeyer
Ex-Officio: Kaylee Heap