IFB awards nutrient stewardship, pollinator conservation grants

Illinois Farm Bureau announced the 2024 county Farm Bureau recipients of Nutrient Stewardship Grants and Pollinator Conservation Grants.

Since 2015, IFB has awarded a total of nearly $1.17 million for more than 150 county Farm Bureau-led nutrient projects. For the third year in a row, IFB also will distribute grants for farmer-focused programs and materials to support pollinators and Monarch butterflies.

Several CFBs with Pollinator Conservation Grant projects will receive discounted pollinator seed from local FS locations through a partnership with GROWMARK.


In 2024, 25 county Farm Bureaus will collaborate on 18 Nutrient Stewardship Grant projects. In addition, 13 county Farm Bureaus will work together on nine Pollinator Conservation Grant projects.


The Nutrient Stewardship Grant recipient county Farm Bureaus and their projects are as follows:

Bureau will continue to support the research of Andrew Margenot, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, collecting data and developing opportunities to share preliminary results.

Calhoun and Greene will continue to maintain a cover crop demonstration plot and offer outreach opportunities.

Clark, Douglas and Vermilion will collaborate with Illini FS to host cover crop education meetings across the counties.

Clinton will continue to implement a cover crop and manure management project and host multiple education and outreach events.

Cook will host a nutrient stewardship field day for specialty crop growers in addition to partnering with Fulton County Farm Bureau and Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago.

Henry and Mercer will facilitate a farmer-led watershed advisory group in addition to supporting ongoing outreach efforts.

Jo Daviess will continue to host several research trials, including trials focused on cover crops, nitrogen management and water quality. The county Farm Bureau will host several education and outreach events to share results and the impact of ongoing research.

Knox will maintain a Young Leader-led cover crop program that focuses on partnering with the local FS to plant one 20-acre cover crop plot per township. Partners will also create updated data handouts, as well as host a field day.

LaSalle will host an educational event focused on advances in nutrient stewardship and technology.

Lee will host a soil health exchange with Northwestern University faculty and students.

Madison will initiate a soil health and manure management project that includes outreach opportunities.

Montgomery will host a cover crop field day in the Lake Hillsboro area to support local watershed planning and implementation.

Piatt and Macon will partner on a field day, among other things, as part of an ongoing effort to support watershed planning efforts near Lake Decatur.

Tazewell, Mason and Cass-Morgan will continue to collect data and develop a multifaceted groundwater monitoring project.

Washington will continue to develop a cover crop project that includes education and outreach materials and will host a field day and summer tour.

Wayne will continue field trials to demonstrate fertilizer efficiency and share results at a field day.

Whiteside will host an educational meeting focused on topics related to regenerative agriculture, including cover crops and soil health.

Will plans to host a series of educational meetings focused on advances in nutrient stewardship policy, research and technology developments.

Pollinator Conservation Grant recipients and their projects include:

Clinton will continue to develop a pollinator habitat demonstration plot and work with local partners to establish an additional habitat.

Cook will enhance its existing pollinator garden, as well as expand its partnership with Lincoln Park Zoo. The county Farm Bureau will also distribute seed to farmer members with the assistance of Conserv FS.

DeWitt will maintain its existing pollinator plot and develop educational signage.

LaSalle will continue its pollinator seed distribution to farmers, as well as outreach efforts.

Lee, Bureau, Stark, Marshall-Putnam and Whiteside will once again offer a program to sell pollinator habitat seed at a subsidized cost to members and distribute pollinator field signs with the assistance of Ag View FS.

Lee will collaborate with Cook County Farm Bureau to develop pollinator habitat in their adopted legislator’s district.

Stephenson and Carroll will continue to work with Highland Community College to support its pollinator plot, as well as distribute pollinator seed to local farmers with the support of Stephenson and Carroll Service Companies.

Washington will maintain its on-farm pollinator plot, including evaluating different establishment and management strategies.

Winnebago-Boone will distribute mason bee kits and pollinator education signs.



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