FB ACT honoree urges FB members to share legislative views

By Kay Shipman

Clinton County Farm Bureau Director Ron Holevoet persistently encourages fellow Farm Bureau members to join FB ACT (Farm Bureau Agricultural Contact Team) and share their views on legislative issues.

“Every time we have a meeting or a get together, I tell everybody, ’Let’s sign you up (for FB ACT). If you can work a cell phone, you can do it,’” Holevoet said.

To each prospective recruit, he explains the ease of responding to Illinois Farm Bureau action requests and the importance of sharing farm and rural views on legislative issues.

Holevoelt reasoned IFB’s legislative staff has already narrowed down thousands of issues on the national and state levels. Of those remaining issues, action requests are made on only the most important matters, he added.

“When you’re asked (in an Action Request), it’s important and it’s important to each person getting the request,” Holevoelt said.

During IFB's Annual Meeting in Chicago, Holevoelt will be recognized for responding to all of IFB’s requests to contact legislators.

Not only has Holevoelt contacted his legislators on issues, but he also has gone a step farther and reached out to his county Farm Bureau’s newly adopted legislator, state Rep. Eva-Dina Delgado, D-Chicago. During a recent visit to Clinton County, the representative let the farmers know she was learning about issues in their area. County Farm Bureau leaders also toured and learned about her Chicago district in September.

By explaining IFB’s reasoning on an issue, Delgado might support the organization’s view, Holevoelt added.

For more information or to join FB ACT, visit ilfb.org/get-involved/fb-act.

This story was provided by FarmWeekNow.com.