Nutrient Management Survey

The University of Illinois, in partnership with the Illinois Farm Bureau and others, launched a survey to better understand farmer decisions about nutrient management practices.
Recommendations for both P and K fertilizers typically are based on critical soil test values (CSTV) with a yield goal. University researchers are now introducing CSTV based on a maximum return to P or K (MRTP or MRTK) and accounts for P fertilizer price or K fertilizer price, corn or soybean prices, and effect of P or K levels on yield. This CSTV is calibrated using multi-year-site field trials in northern, central and southern regions of Illinois. The MRTP and MRTK are designed to maximize profits per acre instead of yield per acre. This profit maximization approach is expected to recommend P or K application at a lower or equal rate compared to the yield goal-based approach.
Researchers are seeking information about how fertilizer price fluctuations influence farmer preferences and willingness to adopt such practices.

“Understanding these is critical for government agencies and others to design effective programs that promote the use of novel nutrient management practices which support the environmental sustainability,” according to the research team.

The 20-minute voluntary survey, funded by USDA and the National Science Foundation, can be taken here:

Twenty of the first 1,000 survey participants will each receive a $100 gift card and a report of the findings of the study.

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