Young Leaders

Young Leader programs pair the wonderful combination of good times and great opportunities. Illinois Farm Bureau's Young Leader program tackles the unique needs of men and women 18-35 years old who have passion for all aspects of agriculture. Whether you're a farmer, seed sales rep or farm kid living in the "big city," you'll discover new friends, business opportunities and ways to make a difference in your community.   

Young Leaders have the opportunity to participate in events and programs with their county Farm Bureaus and can also take advantage of statewide events. IFB opportunities include the State Young Leader Conference, Young Leader Ag Industry Tour, Agri-Quiz Bowl Contest, County Chair Award Program, Most Outstanding County Young Leader Programs, Discussion Meet, Young Leader Achievement Award and Young Leader Excellence in Agriculture Award.  

Young Leaders have the opportunity to be active in Collegiate Farm Bureau programming on the campuses of University of Illinois, Illinois State University, Western Illinois University, Southern Illinois University-Carbondale, Joliet Junior College, Highland Community College, Wabash Valley College, Lincoln Land Community College and Lakeland Community College.  

To learn more about Young Leader opportunities, contact the Illinois Farm Bureau Young Leader Department by email or your county Farm Bureau.  

Young Leader mission statement

Developing tomorrow’s agriculture leaders today, to educate consumers and legislatures, while giving back to our communities.  

Committee members

District 1: Wayne Gehrke
District 2: Aaron Mitchell 
District 3: Chad Bell
District 4: Gracelynn Dale
District 5: Kaylee Heap  
District 6: Krista Lottinville  
District 7: Mandy Eichelberger  
District 8: Drew DeSutter  
District 9: Layten Peterson 
District 10: Jenny Jackson  
District 11: Ryan Zelhart 
District 12: Katelyn Farris
District 13: Jacquelyn Seals  
District 14: Ida Hand 
District 15: Mark Ruschhaupt  
District 16: Victoria Vogt  
District 17: Kendall Browning  
District 18: Blake Luckett