Ag Day State Fair Yields News

IFB’s media relations team continues to work with our state commodity organizations, as well as NREC and Illinois Specialty Growers, on Ag Day at the State Fair to offer a media availability for friends in tv, radio and print. Between regional and national ag media and central Illinois radio stations and print, we helped share the news and issues of the day. In addition, we coordinated live interviews with WMAY’s Greg Bishop each day of the fair. Helping our friends in the media with their content coverage is a welcome asset to keeping agriculture in front of media.

As the fall harvest season approaches, we will be working to pitch the work farmers do each fall to provide food, fuel, and feed sources locally, nationally and globally. Remember the talking points can always be found in IFB weekly or on the portal. The comprehensive talking points were developed as a resource to help leaders and staff understand the most relevant issues of the day.

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