The Code of Country Living

Settlers on the Illinois prairie lived by a code suited to their own livelihood and lifestyle in the rural countryside. Though that way of life has evolved over two centuries, there remains a code, a way of living, that rural Illinois residents still honor.

Living in the country can be a wonderful way of life — if your expectations are in-line with reality. Reality seldom measures up to the romanticized version of almost any idea or ideal — as is frequently discovered by those who move from an urban setting to the country. People often intend to get away from it all and enjoy the serenity of an agrarian countryside. What they’ll likely find, however, is that they are only trading the benefits and drawbacks of city living for those of the country.

In rural Illinois, you’ll find working farms. You’ll also find a level of infrastructure and services generally below that provided through the collective wealth of an urban community. Many other factors, too, make the country living experience very different from what may be found in the city.

This booklet is provided to help you make an informed lifestyle decision about purchasing a home or a homesite in rural Illinois. Though it cannot convey the entirety of the understanding borne from a lifetime of rural living, it can give you a glimpse of what it takes to live by what might be called the Code of Country Living.