Union County

Flamm Orchards

8760 Old Highway 51 N.
Cobden, IL 62920

Phone: (618)893-4241

Facebook: @Flamm Orchards

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Strawberries selling out daily on southern Illinois farm

Rendleman Orchards

9680 State Highway 127 N.
Alto Pass, IL 62905


Website: http://www.rendlemanorchards.com/

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Southern Illinois orchard shares fruits of season all year long

Shawnee Hills Lavender

480 Brown Section Rd
Cobden, IL 62920

Phone: (618) 534-4659

Facebook: @ShawneeLavender

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Long for lavender?  Union County growers a fragrant success

Sweitzer Farms

230 John Rich School Rd
Anna, IL 62906

Phone: (618) 893-2850

Facebook: @Sweitzer Farm

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From A to Z: Vegetable bonanza grows on Union County’s Sweitzer Farm