Pollinators and the Monarch Butterfly

At Illinois Farm Bureau, we understand the importance of pollinators to our food system and to the ecosystem overall. That is why we embarked on a campaign to educate our membership about the latest science involving pollinators, the best management practices that are proven to protect pollinators, and the technical information needed to create and improve habitat for pollinators on farms.   

The Monarch Butterfly

On December 15th, 2020, the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS) announced its decision on listing the monarch butterfly as a threatened or endangered species under the Endangered Species Act. Their decision was that it was warranted but precluded, which means they found the monarch butterfly justified listing, but other species priorities needed to be addressed first, and the USFWS didn't have the resources to devote to a listing proposal for the monarch butterfly until 2024. This means the monarch butterfly is a candidate species and is not protected under the endangered species act; however, it will be reviewed annually to see if it warrants emergency listing. For more information about the decision, see https://www.fws.gov/savethemonarch/.

IFB has been actively involved in conservation planning efforts surrounding the monarch butterfly and other pollinators here in Illinois for a number of years. This includes serving on the technical steering committee of the Illinois Monarch Project as well as other county and state-level projects. The following information provides additional detail on our work alongside a number of Illinois stakeholders on this important issue:

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