YEA Programs

FFA Programs

Illinois FFA BUILD Conference

The BUILD (Being United in Leadership Development) Conference provides an opportunity for FFA students to experience personal growth and build their leadership skills. Facilitated by Illinois FFA staff, this two-day conference offers hundreds of high school students opportunities to see where their potential can take them.

Some key highlights of this conference are:

  • 6 Leadership Sessions
  • Keynote Speakers
  • Opportunity Fair
  • So much more!

FFA chapters can receive a $125 registration stipend for this conference by participating in an FFA to Farm Bureau Acquaintance Day event with their County Farm Bureau.

FFA Acquaintace Day

The FFA Acquaintace Day program is designed to help connect FFA members to their County Farm Bureau and the Illinois Farm Bureau. County Farm Bureaus host a variety of different events throughout the state to build relationships with the local FFA chapters and introduce FFA members to Farm Bureau as a pathway to continue their journey in the agriculture industry after high school.

Illinois FFA Premier Chapter Award Tour

Formerly known as the Heritage & Co-op Tour, the Premier Chapter Award Tour is meant to recognize the top winners of the Illinois FFA Premier National Chapter Award Program. Top chapters have excelled in the areas of growing leaders, building communities, and strengthening agriculture. The tour serves both as a reward for outstanding efforts and as an investment for further development of youth.

60 FFA members embark on a 6-day bus trip to Washington D.C. to learn more about American history, leadership, advocacy, and agriculture on a national scale. Highlights include exploring Gettysburg, meeting legislators on Capitol Hill, going on a night tour of national monuments, and so much more!

Harvest for All

Harvest for All is an American Farm Bureau Federation Young Farmers and Ranchers initiative to fight food insecurity. As part of the national Harvest for All program, Illinois Farm Bureau Young Leaders promote a statewide effort to help feed the hungry in Illinois. FFA chapters can join this effort by tracking pounds of food collected, dollars donated, and hours volunteered. From food drives and raising money to simply volunteering time, no effort is too small to help those who are less fortunate.

To participate, FFA Chapters should keep track of their efforts throughout the school year (May-April) and record them on the Harvest for All form distributed by Illinois Farm Bureau staff. The IFB Young Leaders will recognize the top chapter in each section and award the top five chapters overall with cash prizes:

  • 1st = $150
  • 2nd = $125
  • 3rd = $100
  • 4th = $75
  • 5th = $50

FFA Chapter President Award

The Illinois Association FFA Chapter President Award is designed to encourage chapter presidents to live out the FFA mission statement by promoting premier leadership, personal growth, and career success in their local FFA Chapters. Outstanding chapter presidents receive a gold, silver, or bronze rating and the Top 10 Chapter Presidents are announced each year at the Illinois FFA State Convention.

Top 10 FFA Section Presidents' Award

The Top 10 FFA Section Presidents' Award application is available to the twenty-five Section Presidents for Illinois FFA. The purpose of this award is to reward Section Presidents who achieve the greatest degree of excellence during their year of office.

The Top 10 Section Presidents receive special recognition and are extended an invitation to the Premier 20 Leadership Conference.

4H Programs

4-H Sustaining the Future Award

The purpose of this award is to recognize 4-H members who have exemplified outstanding leadership within the agricultural industry and a desire to remain engaged. Applicants must be current Illinois 4-H members age 17-19. The top 10 applicants will be recognized with the 4-H Sustaining the Future Award and will be extended an invitation to the Premier 20 Leadership Conference.

Applications are due November 1st, 2020. More information can be found at

Premier 20 Conference for 4-H and FFA

Individuals who are named a Top 10 Section President or a Top 10 LCP Award winner, are invited to an exclusive conference of only 20 students. This two-day conference is held each April at the Illinois farm Bureau building in Bloomington.

Leaders in the Illinois Farm Bureau & Affiliate Companies broaden the youth's knowledge of; leadership skills, communication techniques, team building exercises, ways to serve their community, and much more.