Spring Preparedness in Southeast Illinois

April 1, 2023

Seth Root
District 17



Spring is always a busy, but fun, time for those involved in agriculture.  All are ready for the sun and adventures that spring brings. 

As a farmer and business owner in southeast Illinois, spring brings about many activities for me.  I apply custom fertilizer to wheat fields, which involves putting on warm clothes, hooking up the four-wheeler to the fertilizer buggy, and driving 15 mph across acres of wheat. This is mainly done in March to provide the nutrients needed for wheat to fully develop throughout the rest of their growing cycle. Often the windburn across my face can be noticeable for days. 

Another activity that I am involved with is emptying grain bins and transporting grain to market. This task usually takes place since the previous fall’s harvest. In spring, I am trying to get the last of my grain sold and as much to market as possible to allow me to focus on planting rather than grain merchandising.

The third spring activity is machinery maintenance.  A lot of time is spent doing preventive maintenance on tractors, planters, and other equipment.  The more preventive maintenance that is done, the less likely there is to be a major problem when planting.  The last thing I want is for my planter to break down during planting season.

On the Farm Bureau side, my Young Leader activities are winding down from winter programs and activities and gearing up for summer events. Farm Bureau schedules slow down a bit during the springtime as many members are tied up with their responsibilities of the planting season. Activities like the Edwards County Young Leaders Scholarship Trap Shoot and Driver’s Education Ag Awareness are complete, and fair activities are scheduled for July. 

Many adventures take place before the first seed is even planted in the ground. Most go unnoticed by many but are without a doubt a vital part of agriculture.