Farming is Hard Work

June 1, 2023

Josh Reinhardt
District 16


Farming is hard work. That is nothing new to anyone. It can be long hours, disappointment, heartache, and loneliness at times, but it doesn’t have to be. Having the right mindset is crucial to the success of anyone's operation. Focusing on the positives of your operation can help with that but it also takes a strong support system and surrounding yourselves with good people. People who have not only your best interest at heart but also theirs.

Much of today's world seems to be focused on self-satisfaction, and while there is nothing wrong with that, it becomes a problem when being self-centered trumps being selfless. For many people the clicks and likes seem to matter more and provide more satisfaction than helping a neighbor or spending quality time with those they care about. Others like to grumble and complain over just about anything while feeding off the negative energy they create. It is an easy rut to fall into. Many of us have been guilty of this and/or have friends that are guilty of this. While it may feel like they are providing value to your life chances are they're not.

As we grow older, our time becomes limited and priorities change. In college, we all knew everyone and would talk to anyone but life is different now. Building families and careers have taken all of our time so the time we spend with friends needs to be spent wisely. Build friendships with those who emit a positive energy and provide that positive energy for them.

Know that when the time comes where help is needed they will be there for you and you for them. Life is no longer about the number of friends you have but the quality of friendships you develop. Don't be afraid to choose wisely when it comes to your friend group.

For a lot of us our friend groups consist of those we went to high school with or met in college. Another great place to find those like-minded individuals is your county Farm Bureau Young Leaders. While the Young Leaders provide opportunities for farmers and ag professionals to socialize and have fun it also helps instill those values of selflessness and humility. Through service projects, fundraising, and volunteering in their communities, those involved are constantly building good friendships while helping their counties. If you're 18 to 35 and would like to get involved, reach out to your county Farm Bureau and ask about an upcoming Young Leader meeting or event.