Farm Families

Monday, May 21, 2018
By Krista Lottinville
District 6
Young Leader Committee Member

Dad –  the pillar of the farm, the main man, the muscle, the mechanic, the operator, the decision maker – is running the farm with one good arm this planting season.  Oh, boy, has that changed the dynamics of our operation.  He fell and dislocated his shoulder.  After an MRI, it’s clear he had long term damage to his rotator cuff that will require surgery, and possibly a whole new shoulder, sometime down the road.  For now, he is in an immobilizing brace to keep his shoulder in place.  When someone on the farm is injured and not able to work at their full capacity, what’s the plan?  Do you have one?

 Mom and I have always provided support to the operation: running seed and chemical, drilling beans, going on parts runs, and making sure everyone is fed.  Dad plants the corn. I will repeat this… Dad plants the corn!  With just one good arm, he is able to run the planter and sprayer but cannot do any of the heavy lifting.  What do farm families do in these difficult times?  They pitch in and make things happen.  The seed has to get in the ground.  We don’t have a choice there.  Mom and I are working on our biceps lifting seed and insecticide bags.  We are learning equipment maintenance and dealing with a sometimes impatient boss. 

These difficult times make us thankful for many things.  I am thankful to have a flexible career that allows me time during planting and harvest to help on the farm.  We are thankful for great friends and family who offer to pitch in any way they can.  Most of all, we are thankful to have a solid team running the operating that are willing to do anything that’s asked of them.  Farming is a family and team event.  Sometimes it takes a challenging time like this one to remind us of how great it is to be a farm family.