Don’t Forget to Make Time for Family

Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2018

By Kendall Browning
District 17
Young Leader Committee Member

Hello, Illinois Farm Bureau family. It seems we’ve again reached my turn on the rotation to share a few of my thoughts with all of you. I’ll be honest, I struggle with things like this. I’m not exactly a wordy guy; I’d rather be out working in the field or taking care of livestock than sitting in front of a computer any day. Today, though, I do have something I’d love to share.

We happened to be rained out this past weekend. We’ve had fairly good weather, so it’s been a long stretch of work with few breaks in between. Suddenly, I’d been given the gift of a free Saturday with wet fields, but a dry sky. Naturally, my mind was on all the things I could finally get done around the house. There were hog pens to be built and yard work to catch up on.

I had a list a mile long.

My family, on the other hand, had a different idea. A group of our close friends and family had a zoo trip planned, and my wife and kids were thrilled when they saw the forecast. A trip in the fall when I wasn’t in the combine – I never stood a chance.

For a second, I was annoyed. I had so many things that needed to be done and had no time for a trip to ‘Boo at the Zoo’. But the truth is, it was a great day. I was blessed with an opportunity to spend precious time with not only my wife and kids but my nieces and nephews too. I’m truly glad I went.

We all know that to be successful in agriculture, or any other industry, we must work hard and keep our nose to the grindstone, but we can’t forget to make time for the families that support us. From bringing us our meals and giving rides from one field to another, to holding down the fort at home, our families are there for us in our busiest of times. Don’t forget to make time for them, too.

Have a safe and plentiful harvest, and God bless.