Collegiate Discussion Meet

The Discussion Meet is intended to help Collegiate Farm Bureau Members develop a greater command of basic discussion skills. The participant’s responsibility is to exchange ideas and information to solve a problem. The discussion should not be a conversation or aimless talk, nor should the participant take the role of a persuasive speaker. They should attempt to cooperatively shed further light on the problem and retain a flexible position.

A moderator will explain the workings of the contest, keeps the discussion on topic, and prevents monopoly of time by any individual contestant. The timekeeper alerts the moderator, contestants, and judges when the time expires for each segment. The judges score and rank the contestants.

Steps of the Discussion Meet

    1. Statement of topic by moderator
    2. Each participant, in voluntary order, stands and makes a 30-second maximum opening statement
    3. Open discussion period (20-25 minutes, exact time to be announced at start of meet)
      1. Discuss various aspects of the problem
      2. Discuss possible solutions
      3. Evaluate alternative solutions
      4. Project implementation of solutions
    4. Participants are allowed 1 minute to prepare their closing statement
    5. Participants, in voluntary order, stand and make a 1-minute maximum closing statement

Contestant Video