2020 Nutrient Stewardship Grant Program

The deadline for the 2020 Nutrient Stewardship Grant Program has passed.

We are very excited to announce that your IAA Board of Directors has once again committed $100,000 for a Nutrient Stewardship Grant Program for fiscal year 2020. This program is meant to support farmers in their efforts to address water quality challenges facing Illinois.

This program focuses on projects that allow farmer members to lead direction and outcomes. Illinois Farm Bureau environmental staff will serve as partners on projects and will assist with the subject matter and help guide projects towards meeting our statewide goals. Local collaboration is important, but we would like to fund projects that are directly impactful and helpful to our Farm Bureau members. 

Please reach out to Lauren Lurkins at llurkins@ilfb.org or 309-557-3153 to brainstorm, discuss, and get feedback on your project ideas. 

The online application can be found here. On that site, you can download a Word document copy of the application questions that you can work on until you’re ready to submit. Please call with any questions.

We look forward to hearing your ideas!