Protecting Our Environment

Preserving our land. Protecting our water. Providing our food. Illinois farmers are making a difference in your life, whether you realize it or not.

Leading on environmental issues. It’s a priority for us and our members. We have committed significant resources to accomplish ambitious goals with regard to water quality, livestock production, pollinators, and a host of other challenging issues. We do that by educating our members about important environmental issues, the latest university research and the best management practices that can help them meet their conservation goals. We work with agency staff to explain rules and regulations and ensure our members can achieve compliance and environmental benefits. We share with consumers the stories of our farmer members doing good work to protect the land on which they depend.

Environmental issues are complicated. They're long term. And they require continuous improvement from our farmer members. Thankfully, Illinois Farm Bureau members are ready for the challenge. Read on for more details about how we’re tackling key issues in Illinois.

Farming for the Future

Illinois Farm Bureau supports the important conservation efforts of our farmer members. That includes educating the public about practices being used on the farm. Using video, social media and other channels, we are helping the public see exactly why Illinois farmers’ conservation efforts should be applauded. Read more. 

Water quality

Illinois farmers are stepping up to improve water quality in Illinois. Since before the release of the Illinois Nutrient Loss Reduction Strategy (NLRS), through two years of implementation, to now, our members are educated about the issue and making improvements for the benefit of Illinois and our neighbors downstream. Read more.

View the 2018 Water Quality Update.


IFB staff work hard on behalf of our members who raise livestock to communicate with the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency on issues related to their operations and the environment. We embark on education campaigns through the Illinois Agricultural Coalition – a partnership among IFB, the Illinois Beef Association, the Illinois Milk Producers’ Association and the Illinois Pork Producers Association. Read more.


At IFB, we understand the importance of pollinators to our food system and to the ecosystem overall. That is why we have embarked on a campaign to educate our membership about the latest science involving pollinators, the best management practices that are proven to protect pollinators and the technical information needed to create and improve habitat for pollinators on farms. Read more.

IFB testifies in support of Clean Water Rule

Illinois Farm Bureau joined ag associations and business groups from across the country recently to testify in support of the Clean Water Rule. The hearing aimed to gather public comments on redefining what waters fall under federal jurisdiction.

Read a recap of the hearing here. Read IFB’s full comments here.