Let's Talk About Trade

Trade is an essential tool that improves quality of life and stimulates economic activity. The benefits are especially pronounced for U.S. agriculture, which depends on exports 2.5 times more than the overall economy. Farmers need trade, but as it turns out, so does the American economy. See how agricultural trade creates jobs and economic activity outside the farm sector. Read more.

Trade with China

The United States relies on China to produce labor-intensive, everyday goods, while China relies on the U.S. for land-intensive products, including ag products. The ongoing trade standoff is taking a toll on both countries. That includes U.S. farmers, who export large portions of their soybeans, pork and other products. Learn more about the costs of standing up to China. Read more.

Free-trade agreements

Seemingly complex, free-trade agreements (FTAs) are actually very simple. Most importantly, though, FTAs incentivize other countries to buy agricultural goods and other products from the United States. The 14 FTAs in place between the U.S. and 20 other countries account for 43 percent of total U.S. ag exports. Take a look at some of the bigger trade deals. Read more.