Safety and Health

For farmers, agricultural safety is your best investment. There is no healthy farm without a healthy you!  Illinois Farm Bureau promotes safety and health, both on the farm and in agricultural and rural communities, to reduce the number of farm work-related injuries and deaths by encouraging safe practices and increasing public awareness of the importance of safety and health in agriculture.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Make safety a priority on your farm and in your community.  It can save a life and/or a limb.

Farm Safety

Protect yourself, your farm, your family and your community. Read these resources on underground utilities and grain safety. Learn more.

Rural Road Safety

Read these important tips for farmers and motorists to help ensure everyone makes it to their destination safely. Learn more.

Mental Health & Wellness

As farmers, we are great at taking care of our land and livestock, but not always great at taking care of ourselves. It’s time to put yourself first. Use these resources to help yourself or someone you know who may be struggling. Learn more.