PM spotlight: Ag teacher joins Henry County Farm Bureau

Trenton Taber says his professional membership provides a stronger connection to the ag industry.

Cambridge FFA Members helping at the Henry County Farm Bureau Young Leaders Farm to Fork Dinner.

By Rita Frazer

Trenton Taber has always been tied to agriculture.

His work as an advocate for the industry started when he was a young 4-Her and continued during summers filled with showing cattle at county fairs. 

Today, Taber serves as an ag teacher and adviser for Cambridge FFA in Henry County.

He’s also continued his close connection with agriculture by becoming a Professional Member of Henry County Farm Bureau, a relatively new membership classification designed to get ag professionals more involved in the industry.

“Advocating for agriculture has always been a passion of mine,” he told the RFD Radio Network®. “I really feel fortunate to get to work for such an important industry in our county.”

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Taber plays a major role in Henry County Farm Bureau, serving on its Ag Literacy Committee, which oversees local Ag in the Classroom activities.

Ag in the Classroom is just one of many successful programs in the county.

Members of Taber’s Cambridge FFA chapter take part in the Farm to Fork Dinner, a great platform for educating the community. It also gives the FFA members great experience.

“My students love the opportunity of going and serving the community and the agricultural products that were home-grown right here in the county,” Traber said.

Taber is like many FFA advisors in the state, working with students all year to give them hands-on opportunities to build skills and character.

As busy as Traber as an ag teacher and advisor, he feels confident that he will remain active as a Professional Member. 

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