IFB’s director of environmental policy invited to serve on U.S. EPA Pesticide Committee

By Ashley Rice

Illinois Farm Bureau’s Lauren Lurkins, director of environmental policy, has been invited to serve on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Pesticide Program Dialogue Committee.

Lauren Lurkins, Illinois Farm Bureau director of environmental policy

She will also begin a three-year term in January on the Agricultural Nutrient Policy Council (ANPC), which focuses on helping U.S. agriculture mobilize the legal, policy and technical challenges involving the Clean Water Act and agricultural nutrients.

As a representative member on the EPA committee, Lurkins will provide independent advice that represents the views of IFB.

Lauren Lurkins, Illinois Farm Bureau director of environmental policy

“I look forward to being able to learn about the more technical aspects of federal pesticide policy, regulation and programs, while at the same time sharing the concerns and views of our farmer membership to EPA and other stakeholders alike,” Lurkins told FarmWeek.

The committee serves as a public forum to advise the EPA on issues involving pesticide policies, regulations and programs.

Committee members include a range of stakeholders representing federal, state and tribal governments; industry and trade associations; environmental groups; farmworker groups; public health organizations; animal welfare groups; and the general public.

Lurkins’ two-year term will end Dec. 9, 2021.

IFB has been an ANPC member for several years. The council worked closely with IFB to help Illinois agriculture craft authoritative comments to the Illinois EPA regarding the Nutrient Science Advisory Committee report entitled, “Recommendations for numeric nutrient criteria and eutrophication standards for Illinois streams and rivers.”

Don Parrish, American Farm Bureau Federation senior director for regulatory relations, serves as ANPC Board chairman. The council is comprised of national and state agricultural interests.

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