IFB Consumer Communications Grant helps connect consumers to agriculture

Lee County Farm Bureau targets popular local campground with ag messages in farm visit event.

By Danielle Burrs

Lee County Farm Bureau (LCFB) hosted a Farm Visit Day Aug. 11 to share the story of agriculture. Don and Paula Meyer from Amboy opened the doors of their family farm and welcomed more than 360 people.

LCFB partnered with a local campground, a vacation destination for many urban and suburban families who have no personal connection to agriculture. Conversations about agriculture ranged from production practices to differences between corn, seed corn and sweet corn, to the effects of tariffs on agriculture and more.

LCFB arranged for buses to transport participants from the campground to the host farm where they enjoyed their free tour and a complimentary lunch. An Illinois Farm Bureau Consumer Communications Grant helped fund the event.

“One of our objectives of this event is to communicate to our friends from the city about how today’s farming techniques help provide them with a safe and abundant food supply. I think we were successful on that point,” said Farm Visit Day host and LCFB President Don Meyer.

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LCFB has hosted 21 Farm Visit Days over the years, and each event, including the most recent one, has been a wonderful opportunity for members to put a face on agriculture and bridge the connection between farm and nonfarm families.

Danelle Burrs serves as LCFB manager.