DeSutter: Young Leaders are the future of Farm Bureau

By Ashley Rice

After just 10 years of farming, Young Leader Chairman Drew DeSutter (Knox County), like most farmers, has experienced many highs and lows.

During his address at the Illinois Farm Bureau Young Leader Conference in Peoria, DeSutter recalled reflecting on the value of Farm Bureau to his farm.

“As I was sitting on the policy floor (at IFB annual meeting) … I kept thinking to myself, ‘Where would my farm be without Farm Bureau?’” DeSutter said. “Illinois Farm Bureau represents the farmer, but more importantly, Illinois Farm Bureau is the farmer.”

Elaborating further, DeSutter explained that each member of Farm Bureau, including collegiate and professional members, help to strengthen the voice of agriculture.

Young Leaders were also encouraged to try something new in Farm Bureau, from volunteering to participating in the discussion meet.

“My challenge for you this year is simple, put aside your busy schedule at one point and try something new in Young Leaders,” DeSutter said.

From local to national opportunities, Young Leaders are faced with no short of potentially life-changing experiences.

“As Young Leaders, you are the future of Farm Bureau and that is a responsibility not to be taken lightly,” DeSutter challenged. “There is something in this organization for everyone, and I hope you find your passion for it.”

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