7 fun facts about IFB's 2020 Annual Meeting

Saturday represented the first time Illinois Farm Bureau's Annual Meeting was not conducted in person. Check out these other fun facts:

  1. Approximately 880 Illinois Farm Bureau members and employees attended the meeting virtually.
  2. There are 333 voting delegates representing more than 70,000 voting members.
  3. Delegates voted virtually using an electronic balloting process, which concluded prior to the IFB Business Meeting. 
  4. As of Aug. 31, 2020, Illinois Farm Bureau recorded 378,237 total members.
  5. Approximately three out of four of the farmers in the state are Illinois Farm Bureau Members.
  6. There are 93 county Farm Bureaus in Illinois (some counties have combined organizations).
  7. This is the 106th annual meeting of the Illinois Farm Bureau.

This story was provided by FarmWeekNow.com.