USDA Service Center Hours  

Most service centers are open, but by phone appointment only. If you are unable to connect with your service center by phone, you may contact a neighboring services center to make an appointment. For continuing updates from USDA and to find a service center, visit 

(March 26, 2020) Farm Service Agency 

FSA Services are available by phone appointment only.

FSA staff are available to continue helping agricultural producers with program signups, loan servicing and other important actions. Additionally, FSA is relaxing the loan-making process and adding flexibilities for servicing direct and guaranteed loans to provide credit to producers in need. This includes:  

Relaxing the farm loan-making process by 

  • Extending the deadline for applicants to complete farm loan applications,  
  • Preparing direct loans documents, even if FSA is unable to complete lien and record searches because of closed government buildings,  
  • Closing loans if the required lien position on the primary security is perfected, even for loans that require additional security and those lien searches, filings and recordings cannot be obtained because of closed government buildings.  

Servicing Direct Loans 

  • Extending deadlines for producers to respond to loan servicing actions,  
  • Temporarily suspending loan accelerations, non-judicial foreclosures, and referring foreclosures to the Department of Justice.  

Servicing Guaranteed Loans 

  • Guarantee lenders can self-certify, providing their borrowers with subsequent-year operating loan advances on lines of credit and emergency advance son lines of credit,  
  • FSA will consider guaranteed lender requests for temporary payment deferral consideration in certain situations, and temporary forbearance consideration for borrowers on loan liquidation and foreclosure actions.  

FSA will accept forms and applications by fax or electronic signature. If you have an eAuth account you can complete forms online on the portal.  

  • You can find details on these announcementshere. 

(March 27, 2020) Risk Management Agency 

USDA Adds Flexibilities for Crop Insurance to Support America’s Farmers and Ranchers. 

USDA’s Risk Management Agency (RMA) is authorizing additional flexibilities due to coronavirus while continuing to support producers, working through Approved Insurance Providers (AIPs) to deliver services, including processing policies, claims and agreements. These flexibilities include:  

  • Enabling producers to send notifications and reports electronically,  

  • Extending the date for production reports, and  

  • Providing additional time and deferring interest on premium and other payments.  

You can find details on these announcementshere. 

National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS)

NASS statistical reports remain on schedule amid the COVID-19 pandemic. NASS also continues to collect data for all upcoming reports, asking farmers and ranchers to complete their surveys online, if they don’t already respond that way. To protect the health and safety of producers, partners, and employees, NASS has suspended in-person data collection at least until April 3, 2020.