Statement from the Illinois Farm Bureau Regarding Tariff Increase on Chinese Imports

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Statement from the Illinois Farm Bureau Regarding Tariff Increase on Chinese Imports


May 10, 2019

Andrea Casali
Media Relations Specialist
Illinois Farm Bureau

The following is a statement from Illinois Farm Bureau (IFB) President Richard Guebert, Jr., regarding the recent tariff increase on Chinese imports. 

“The Illinois Farm Bureau is disappointed in the breakdown of the negotiations between China and the U.S. to address long standing trade issues between the two nations. We are also deeply concerned about the imposition of the retaliatory tariffs that could further impact agriculture.

“Tariffs historically have not been good for the farm economy. Farmers are on the front lines of this trade war and are sacrificing their livelihoods and it hasn’t gotten better. We are sitting on a huge inventory of grain while our export markets are diminishing.

“Corn and soybean prices are depressed, combined with a delayed 2019 planting season due to heavy rains, and farmers are facing their sixth straight year of declining net farm income.

“If this trade uncertainty lingers, we will certainly be looking to the Trump Administration for another round of market facilitation payments.

“Farmers continue to bear the brunt of the trade wars.” 

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