Statement from the Illinois Farm Bureau Regarding Harvest Season Emergency Declaration

The following is a statement from Illinois Farm Bureau President Richard Guebert, Jr., regarding Governor Bruce Rauner’s declaration today of a Harvest Season Emergency.

“We appreciate Governor Rauner declaring an emergency harvest situation for the 2018 harvest season. It opens the door for increased efficiencies for farmers and truck drivers hauling agricultural commodities, allowing them to apply to the Illinois Department of Transportation to get a free permit to haul 10 percent over their gross vehicle weight and axle weight limits on state highways. Applications may be submitted beginning Monday, Sept. 10.

“Local road authorities will have the ability to grant a similar permit or waive the permit requirement on roads in their jurisdictions.

“This consideration is especially helpful as 2018 has been a difficult year for Illinois farmers. They are facing declining incomes, market turmoil due to trade uncertainty, and what is likely to be a record-breaking crop that must be harvested and transported efficiently.

“By making this declaration, the governor is demonstrating he understands the challenges farmers are facing and the importance of an efficient fall harvest.

“The Illinois Farm Bureau thanks Governor Rauner for declaring an emergency harvest situation to help offset the uncontrollable effects of weather and commodity markets on Illinois’ farmers.”


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