Farm Planning

Keep family in family farm

With proper preparation, we can help make sure you pass your family farm from one generation to the next.

COUNTRY Financial® has teamed up with your local county Farm Bureau to host upcoming farm legacy seminars near you:

  • Feb. 25 at 5p.m., Hickory Grove Banquet and Conference Center, Rochelle, Illinois
  • Feb. 26 at 5p.m., I Hotel and Conference Center, Champaign, Illinois
  • Feb. 27 at 5p.m., Kokopelli Golf Club, Marion, Illinois


Registration will open on Jan. 1, 2020. If you’re interested in attending, please complete this quick form. We’ll send you a reminder on Jan. 1 to officially reserve your spot.  


Contact Stacey Capodice at 309.821.2207 or with any questions about this event.

Keynote Speaker

Ron Hanson

Ron Hanson has counseled and worked with farm families for more than 40 years. Through his publications and professional travels, Ron is a recognized keynote speaker on the topics of farm ownership succession planning and continuing farming legacies for the next generation of family farmers.



Additional Speakers

Richard Guebert, President, Illinois Farm Bureau

Rich is the 15th president of the Illinois Farm Bureau® and serves as full-time executive officer. He is also president of COUNTRY Financial. Rich and his son, Kyle, operate a farm in Randolph County, where they grow corn, soybeans and wheat. Rich and his wife, Nancy, live in Ellis Grove.


Brian Duncan, Vice President, Illinois Farm Bureau

Brian and his wife, Kelly, own and operate a diversified grain and livestock farm near Polo. Their livestock operation includes a wean-to-finish pork farm and a custom cattle feedlot. They grow mostly corn, along with some soybeans and wheat.


David Gallico, Financial Specialist, COUNTRY Financial

Located in the Chicago suburbs, David partners with COUNTRY Financial reps to help clients with business, retirement, investment, education and insurance planning. He has more than 30 years of experience in financial services. 


Kris Kline, Financial Specialist, COUNTRY Financial

With more than 17 years of experience, Kris partners with COUNTRY Financial reps in central Illinois to provide a more complete approach to reviewing and answering clients’ financial needs through objective financial solutions.


Derek Dickinson, Financial Specialist, COUNTRY Financial

Working alongside COUNTRY Financial reps, Derek helps clients understand their needs and provides recommendations to help them reach their financial goals.


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There is no cost or obligation for attendance. By responding to this invitation or attending the seminar, you may be offered information regarding the purchase of insurance and investment products or services.