Our Fields

Our Fields

President's Office
The President’s Office is home to the President, Vice President, and the Executive Director of Operations, News and Communications. Voting delegates elect the President and Vice President at the IAA Annual Meeting. In addition to their Farm Bureau duties, both President and Vice President are full-time farmers.

The Executive Director of Operations, News and Communications, provides management assistance to the president on board and organizational issues and leads the News and Communication Division.

Our Five Divisions

The Divisions of Illinois Farm Bureau are made of up leaders and employees who create and manage programs, services, and activities to fulfill the needs of our members and support our county Farm Bureaus.


The Office of the General Counsel provides legal services to the Illinois Farm Bureau , county Farm Bureaus, COUNTRY Financial, Prairie Farms Dairy, and some other IFB affiliates.

Some legal specialties within OGC include agricultural law, insurance and financial services law, tax and benefits law, employment law, environmental law, real estate law, contract law, corporate law, and litigation.

The General Counsel also serves as the corporate secretary for the Illinois Farm Bureau and COUNTRY Financial, maintaining the official corporate records for the companies.


News and Communications

The News and Communications Division communicates to our members, as well as for our members.

The weekly newspaper, Farm Week, is written for our farmers and has timely information on issues, markets, and crop conditions around the state. FarmWeekNow.com provides weather, commodity prices, and news stories, along with audio and video reports. RFD Radio Network produces and broadcasts farm news and market information Monday through Saturday. Partners magazine informs non-farmer members about agriculture, farmers, farm family life, and rural Illinois. It is distributed quarterly to our associate members.

Issue management, Media Relations and the Video Production are also part of this division.



The Finance Division is responsible for the money that flows through Illinois Farm Bureau and some affiliates, as well as administrative services, information technology, and the operation and security of the IAA building. Health services and Employee Services and Activities are also housed in this Division.

Information Technology handles employee computer and internet needs, as well as maintaining the organization’s website.  They oversee systems and county support services including our membership database. The Information Resource Center offers library services to staff. 

The IAA Foundation funds education, research, and activities that benefit Illinois farm families and agriculture. They provide funding for programs such as Illinois Agriculture in the Classroom through fundraising events. The IFB Print Shop also operates under the Finance Division. Finance provides corporate support for the IAA Credit Union.



The Member Services and Public Relations Division unifies all programs and information functions linking the state organization to the county Farm Bureaus, including human resource issues, membership recruitment and retention, program development, conference management, and training and education. They also manage an internal website with resources and tools to assist with leadership development and CFB office management. Field Support & Programs, Training and Development, Marketing, and Membership Departments assist in all these areas.  

The Center for Agricultural Engagement works with the Illinois Agriculture in the Classroom (IAITC) & Illinois Farm Families partnerships to provide interactive and accurate information about agriculture to thousands of school children and adult consumers each year. High school 4-H and FFA members can participate in leadership and award programs sponsored by the Illinois Farm Bureau & Affiliates Youth Education in Agriculture Committee. Twelve Illinois college and university campuses are home to Collegiate Farm Bureau chapters, which engage students through opportunities in leadership, education, legislation, and networking. The Young Leader program provides personal and professional development opportunities for individuals ages 18-35 to fuel their passion for agriculture.  



The Governmental Affairs and Commodities Division helps turn Farm Bureau policy into legislative action. Staff serves as watch dogs, making sure regulations are based on common sense and fit with accepted farm practices. The focus is to create a farmer friendly environment at the national, state, and local levels.

The External Relations Department develops and maintains relationships with agribusiness and food companies, colleges and universities, business organizations, and other groups of strategic importance to the Farm Bureau.

The Commodities arm analyzes economic and marketing issues and trends, biotechnology developments, and livestock programs. They also manage the Illinois Milk Producer's Association and the Illinois Livestock Development Group, and they offer management services to Illinois Specialty Growers and Illinois Wheat Association.


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